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Gemma Adams Glow Hairspace Rutland Ltd

Glow's journey with our accounting services has been absolutely transformative. When Gemma first reached out, she was juggling manual financial processes and exciting business plans.

Moving to Xero and Hubdoc streamlined her accounting processes, making her new weekly financial processes easier to manage. Monthly business coaching has replaced the once-a-year meetings with her previous accountant; we now provide Gemma with key financial information and tax projections that she understands.

The stress of juggling finances has been replaced by Gemma's newfound confidence and control over cash flow. With a solid compliant foundation, she can now focus on her passion at Glow, knowing that the future holds even more success. Our collaboration of accountancy and business coaching is shaping a vibrant financial future for Gemma and her thriving salon.

Our collaboration of accountancy and business coaching is shaping a vibrant financial future for Gemma and her thriving salon.

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Leo Sugden Otters Smokehouse & Deli Ltd

When Leo, the creative force behind a lively café deli in Oakham's vibrant market town, faced challenges following the pandemic, our collaboration began.

An improved financial management system was introduced for Leo's bookkeeping, providing personalised advice to tackle the challenges unique to his business. This partnership has been a transformative journey, supporting and advising Leo in the complex financial space of the hospitality industry.

Our next move involves implementing management accounts to his financial strategy by implementing key performance measures and actions through insightful business snapshots.

Armed with strategic insights aligned to his café deli Leo is now on the path to business success.

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Darren & Alex Rutland Glamping

In the enchanting world of Rutland Glamping, Alex and Darren sought a financial partnership, and our tailored services became their roadmap.

Beyond bookkeeping and accountancy, our ongoing support provides advisory and coaching guidance, crucial for steering through the nuances of the hospitality sector's challenges.

Quarterly reviews empower Alex and Darren to navigate the financial landscape proactively.Tax planning that eliminates unexpected burdens, offering peace of mind.

As Rutland Glamping sets its sights on expansion, our journey continues offering financial advisory and business coaching to support their plans.

Their testimonial echoes the success of our approach, addressing present challenges while building a foundation for continuous financial clarity and success.

David Wood Chairman Manager Rutland Agricultural Society

In the heart of Rutland Agricultural Society we are the dedicated finance partner, and have provided a tailored made service offering a seamless blend of on-site and off-site services.

Our weekly bookkeeping and compliance services assist the financial resilience of the business, by providing business snapshots, management accounts and budgetary information.

We support onsite at the annual Rutland Show, and our co-founder, Nicola steps into the role of Show Secretary, managing the Secretary's office on the day of the event, overseeing cash winnings, and managing the audit trail.

This hands-on involvement extends beyond the show, attending AGMs, and providing support to the Management. Our solutions to business problems have involved streamlined financial processes, compliance, and business advisory services to support the continued development and success of Rutland Agricultural Society.

Lizzie C, Wales

Juggling the complexities of monthly bookkeeping, Lizzie found herself sacrificing precious Sundays to keep up with financial tasks, hindering her creative flair and focus. Thankfully, we have stepped in with our financial expertise, introducing a financial management system, and Xero bookkeeping software to revolutionise her workflow.

No more weekend bookkeeping marathons—we enabled Lizzie to reclaim her personal time. Our intervention not only streamlined financial operations but also brought much-needed clarity to her business foundations.

Now, Lizzie understands her financial numbers and her future tax obligations. The impact has been transformative—her freedom is restored, her office desk is clutter-free, and she can fully immerse herself in her consultancy work.

Thanks to our adept financial management, stress is replaced with balance, empowering her to thrive in her consultancy.

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